Who are your clients?

  • We have recently worked with members of the following companies (partial list)

    • Bimbo Bakeries USA

    • ConAgra

    • Constellation Wines U.S.

    • Del Monte

    • Dreyers

    • Dr Pepper/7UP

    • E.J. Gallo

    • Information Resources, Inc. (IRI)

    • J.M. Smucker Company

    • Shell Global Lubricants

  • Our client roster includes both manufacturers and retailers

  • We have been privileged to work in ten countries in categories as diverse as athletic shoes, industrial lubricants, and beverages.

What differentiates ZAHN Consulting, LLC from competitors?

  • All of our projects are handled by senior level consultants and overseen by David Zahn himself (so no project is delegated to "junior staff" learning on your project)

  • ZAHN Consulting, LLC is staffed by experts in training, consulting, strategic planning, marketing and organizational design who have worked across numerous industries and are familiar with the market competition, B2B/B2C requirements, and go-to-market strategies through third-party representation.

  • Clients are never strong-armed into buying products or services that do not apply to their stated needs or are superfluous to the project intent

  • Initiatives are worked on collaboratively with client input and involvement so that goals and objectives are met each time

  • ZAHN Consulting, LLC offers Workshop360 to provide seamless integration of skills into trainee behaviors through pre-training event work, skill practice during the training intervention, and post-training reinforcement once back on the job

How does ZAHN Consulting, LLC determine project fees?

  • Unlike many other consulting firms or professional services firms, ZAHN Consulting, LLC charges a project fee based on the value of the project and does not develop fees based on days worked, number of participants trained, or distance traveled. Our pricing is determined by the worth of the intervention and does not reward slow work, stacking classes full of uninterested participants, or other ways of padding the costs.

What kind of projects does ZAHN Consulting, LLC do?

  • Training in both classroom and self-paced methods

  • Consulting and assessment on organizational structure, strategies, planning, skills, etc.

  • Custom research

  • Keynote speaking

  • Meeting facilitation/share groups

Questions to Ask Yourself

How you asked a colleague or subordinate, “what do you need from me?

Our own biases and perspectives often cloud our understanding of what others may want or need from us. We believe that others think, feel, and desire the same things that we do and so we often seek to provide what we ourselves want. That might be an increase or a decrease in oversight, it might mean more or less scheduled communication, or maybe just an occasional pat on the back for a job well-done.

By assuming that others think, react, desire the same things that we ourselves do, we miss a crucial part of being a Manager. The role is focused on developing others and so we must identify and recognize what each employee or subordinate would value from us and provide that, and not what we ourselves would seek if we were the employee.


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