Situation 1

A leading market research provider to the CPG and retailing industries of market insight, syndicated data, and research recognized that many of their clients were not maximizing the value of the data purchased. Additionally, the company was being asked by client personnel to frequently review how to interpret, create, and analyze reports used to assess business performance.


ZAHN Consulting, LLC, working with the company provided both public/open enrollment training workshops on behalf of the company as well as client specific customized versions of the workshop designed to address company specific initiatives.

"David Zahn worked closely with us to ensure that the workshop met not only our needs, but also the needs of our clients leading to greater satisfaction and use of our products" - Vice President of Training

Situation 2

A multi-category company recognized that due to the acquisition of product lines and employees from a recent corporate purchase that there was a lack of consistency in sales approach, methods, and process. While many of the sales people were experienced, there was no uniformity in how tasks were accomplished leading to difficulties in forecasting, sales administration, manufacturing, etc.


ZAHN Consulting, LLC proposed designing and developing a Consultative Selling Workshop that introduced/reinforced the "Integrated Company Way" of identifying customer needs, positioning products, communicating with HQ-based resources, etc.

"Over forty (40) of our sales people attended the training and were able to successfully refresh their skills and recognize the value of selling in a consistent way across all product lines, accounts, regions, etc." - Vice President, Sales Operations

Situation 3

Due to employee promotions, business expansion, and turnover, the Category Management function of a major CPG company selling multiple shelf stable category products was staffed with people with various business experiences operating without having been trained in the science and rigor of the process, data analysis, or decision-making support criteria.


ZAHN Consulting, LLC collaborated with the client's Director of Category Management to create a three-day training session that covered the topics of Category Management, Data Analysis and Interpretation, Category Management related calculations, and Industry trends.

"David Zahn's experience in training design allowed my team to only focus on the essential skills and efficiently integrate the vast knowledge required to perform their jobs at the highest levels." - Director of Category Management

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Questions to Ask Yourself

Do you provide pro-active guidance or just wait for outcomes before you provide feedback?

In most businesses feedback is provided after an event or an occurrence. Often, it is a list of all that went wrong or could have been done better. Occasionally, it may actually include compliments of what was done well. For many employees it feels as if it is a test they have not studied for or were unaware they had to take at that moment. They do not know what is expected until after the fact and may not be aware of how they will be evaluated until they are finished with the task.

A better way to go about it is to explain upfront what is expected, how much time is allotted to the task, what is acceptable performance or meets standards, and make yourself available as the Manager to support (but not necessarily do the task).


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