Our training is created to serve the business needs of our clients and not as products to sell in search of a market. Therefore, our training interventions are tailored to meet your organization's objectives and customized to fit your culture, current level of expertise, goals, and requirements. Our sole purpose in providing training is to ensure that your employees are able to meet the expanding challenges of an increasingly complex business environment.

Our training process begins with an assessment of your organizational goals, analysis of the current competencies of those to be trained, a review of the resources and tools available, and only then will we determine how to best design a training implementation approach. At ZAHN Consulting, LLC we do not believe in placing "Square Pegs in Round Holes" and trying to force our training into your organization's needs. You have no tolerance for "nice to have" information, so it is our strategic imperative that we only focus on providing the skills that will permit you to achieve your objectives and drive your business forward. Until results are changed and skills are improved, our job is not done - "Know-How is Not Enough!"

Our training can be delivered in various forms; instructor-led classroom sessions, self-paced study, or remotely through WBT, CBT, Interactive Virtual Training via Web Conferencing (ZOOM/WebEx/TEAMS, etc.).

Strategic Planning

As industries continue to move at warp speed through technological innovation, confronting changing economic situations, increased globalization, and fractionalization of business targets – one size does not fit all, and off the shelf meets no one’s needs perfectly. Therefore, we have worked with clients to address a host of issues under our strategic planning umbrella. Among those assignments have been; creating both short-term and long-term business plans, helping clients with their organizational design and structures to ensure maximum use of resources, building sales deployment strategies, and assisting clients meet their informational needs through appropriate access to tools and research.

By incorporating the importance of reporting structures, communication channels, incentive and compensation planning, and properly delegating tasks to the most appropriate level of the organization, ZAHN Consulting, LLC is able to provide more than just a static findings report to a client, but actual business building guidance and direction. Without the implementation support, the client is left with recommendations, but no map to achieve the results - "Know-How is Not Enough!"


Our coaching is based on applying highly individualized guidance and mentoring to assist leaders, executives, and managers to grow in their roles within their organizations. Using various instruments, tools, and assessment techniques, ZAHN Consulting, LLC works with the individual and/or his or her direct work team to facilitate positive change in that person's capabilities and impact on the organization.

Depending on the parameters of the project, ZAHN Consulting, LLC will work with the individual in any of the following ways, telephone consultation, face-to-face meetings, observations, simulations, e-mails, or through webcams as appropriate. The over-riding principle in our coaching process and method is to provide further enhancement and remediation of skills to allow that individual to excel as quickly and effectively as possible. Confirmations of the application of the coached skills is a key part of the process to ensure the practice is meeting the insight - "Know-How is Not Enough!"

Sales Support

Because much of the work ZAHN Consulting, LLC does requires helping people transition through change; be it new organizational structures, new skills trained, introduction of new tools or resources to accomplish tasks, etc. - it is often necessary to provide standards of performance or create resources that include expectations of how job tasks will be completed. Therefore, ZAHN Consulting, LLC is called upon to use Technical Writing skills to draft "How-To" Manuals, policy and procedures documents, job-aids, electronic reference tools, and orientation program material.

ZAHN Consulting, LLC has worked with numerous clients to create "stand-alone" manuals, provided material to be integrated into company intranet sites, and assisted in developing content for use in various other reference sources. Because we believe so strongly in facilitating our clients' success, we are not content to leave a client without the necessary support to maintain their progress even after a project has ended and we have concluded our assignment - "Know-How is Not Enough!"

Questions to Ask Yourself

When was the last time you asked a subordinate, “What are your future goals?”

As executives and managers we often assume that we know what colleagues, subordinates, and employees find motivating and are seeking. We expect that they want the same things that we wish to pursue. Since we know what we seek, we assume that those that we work with are seeking the same thing(s).

Yet, not everyone is inspired by chasing the same outcomes. While, it might be a corner office, or a title, or some award given to employees – that is not always the case. In some instances it might be able to contribute to a project, or represent the company at an industry function, or perhaps participate in a committee, etc. Without knowing this information, we could be hindering that employee’s feeling of commitment to the company and failing to acknowledge what would be valued by that employee.


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