ZAHN Consulting, LLC

ZAHN Consulting, LLC was created to serve the training and performance enhancement needs of our clients in their pursuit of improved bottom-line results. Our goal is to assist our clients in ensuring that THEIR clients, employees and associates, are able to align their skills and abilities to meet the expanding challenges of an increasingly complex business environment.


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Our Pledge

ZAHN Consulting, LLC is focused on providing behavioral change that leads to MEANINGFUL skill enhancement and development for our clients. We are dedicated to improving corporate and individual performance through the design, development, and delivery of consultative and training products and services. Nobody wins if advice is irrelevant, suggestions are left unexecuted, and skills are not reinforced and applied. To that end, we integrate real world exercises, applications, simulations, and skill practice into our training to provide your organization with the confidence to use the skills learned once on the job.

What We Do


From needs analysis and design development to delivery and reinforcement, our training is focused on bottom-line success. 

Strategic Planning

Through a collaborative process, we develop business plans, organizational designs and sales force deployment strategies. 


One-on-one assessment and guidance improves the critical corporate skills of individual managers and executives. 

Sales Support

We create manuals, policy and procedure guidelines, and reference tools for use on-the-job or as part of employee orientation. 

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Questions to Ask Yourself

Change can often be a challenge, and when you’re considering taking your life in a new direction, it’s important to be asking yourself the right questions. ZAHN Consulting, LLC’s expertise and experience will help you"look behind the curtain" to get insights, ideas and assistance to help you achieve your goals.

We are builders. We’re on the job getting our hands dirty making sure everything gets done right. With a focus on achieving the answers to your questions – not ours – we will collaborate with you to accomplish  and succeed together.


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