What Goes Around...Becomes Top of Mind

Employees are busier than ever. Being asked to do more, do it quicker, and do it better. You don't have resources to waste on ineffectiveness, and cannot afford inefficient training that does not lead to immediate business improvement. Workshop360 is designed to ensure that your people are provided with the skills and knowledge that business demands and receive the reinforcement they need once they are back on the job. It is so effective, it is like you being with each employee coaching them as they need it without leaving your office.

Workshop360 is comprised of three components: 1) Pre-Workshop - employees will be introduced to the process, provided with expectations and objectives, and then asked to complete relevant preparatory work to minimize the amount of time spent in the classroom. 2) Classroom - rather than lecture or presentation, Workshop360's classroom component focuses on the practice of skills, applying knowledge, and demonstrating mastery. 3) Post-Workshop - once back on the job, it is essential that there is an emphasis on reinforcement of learned behaviors, sharing of success stories, and opportunity to expand on competencies. Workshop360 guides the training process so that every aspect of the experience is designed to deliver maximum results and success.

Your Facilitator

Meet David Zahn, the creator of this training approach who believes that training is serious business, but it can still be fun.